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DJMAX Portable 3.
Alternate Cover Sheet.

DJMAX Portable 3 (Korean: 디제이맥스 포터블 3) is a music game for the PlayStation Portable developed and published by Pentavision in South Korea and PM Studios in North America(/internationally).

It is the seventh installment of the game for the PlayStation Portable and the third of the numbered series, regarded as the actual sequel to DJMAX Portable 2 as Clazziquai Edition and Black Square branched out thematically for the METRO Project in 2008, while DJMAX Fever (USA) and DJMAX Portable Hot Tunes (Japan) were compilations of Portable/Portable 2 songs.



Portable 3 was officially announced May 25th 2010, shortly after DJMAX Technika 2 was unveiled. A teaser site hinting at the (then unknown) Remix system went up on June 1st 2010, and official trailers by Pentavision and PM Studios were released June 18th 2010, followed by a Gameplay trailer unveiling the new Remix system on Aug 6th 2010, a Song Preview trailer on Sept 7th 2010, and finally a release trailer.

The game launched both in South Korea and North America on October 14th 2010, with limited UMD copies (1000 of the Limited Edition Pack, and 5000 non-LE) going for sale in North America. The USA version's main distribution method would be the PlayStation Network, following the digital distribution legacy of DJMAX Fever. The PSN version officially launched on Oct 19th 2010.

Game Tracklist

Main article: DJMAX Portable 3:Tracklist

There are 30 songs available in Portable 3 for starters, out of 40 total playable songs. The other 10 songs are obtained via the random Level-Up Rewards, and start appearing at a certain player level.

Cameoed Music

Songs that appear in Remix mode.



Main article: DJMAX Portable 3:Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode in Portable 3 has several selectable options, basically all the button modes that have been unlocked (Classic 4T and 6T modes start unlocked). Selecting a mode then prompts a selection of 3 songs in sequence, where each "Stage" has a different, non-overlapping songlist for that button mode. In addition to the various button modes, a seperate Free Style mode exists that allows play of songs in any order, in any button mode, as long as they have been unlocked for Free Style.


Main article: DJMAX Portable 3:Mission Mode

Missions in Portable 3 are be divided into 2 categories: Missions, and DJ Challenges. The latter function more like PSN Trophies/Achievements, and are not related to a song, e.g. watch the entire tutorial, get a 1% MAX Rate on a song, playcounts, combo counts, etc.

There are 70 Missions and 30 DJ Challenges.




Main Article: DJMAX Portable 3:Unlocks

There are three main ways that content is unlocked in Portable 3. The first is simply playing songs in Arcade Mode's Stage Mode. The second is by completing Missions and DJ Challenges. The third is simply by levelling up. On each level-up, three reward boxes are presented, and upon selecting one, the reward is revealed, along with the other two possibilities. Unlocks include button modes, songs, WS charts, character/gear/note/effectors, images, and music videos.

Limited Edition Pack

Main article: DJMAX Portable 3:Limited Edition

DJMAX Portable 3 had a limited edition package simply called "DJMAX Portable 3 Limited Edition", which contained the game, an alternate coversheet, a 2-Disc OST, and a Creator Book (in Korean) containing artwork and interviews pertaining to the development of the game. The package is contained inside a cardboard box with a holographic design and etching reminiscent of a turntable.

In the USA, only 1000 copies of the Limited Edition were made, and sold under the name "Special Bundle Edition" (SBE), with the added bonus of a raffle for various prizes sponsored by PM Studios and Pentavision. The distribution of these SBEs was done via Bemanistyle where international shipping was an option (albeit a confusing one).


Aside from typos and textual errata, a few bugs exist with the game:

As of today it appears Pentavision are aware of the bugs. This most likely means a patch, delivered via PSN like Hot Tunes.


On 28 Dec 2010, a patch was released for the Korean version of DJMAX Portable 3. To update the new version, press the "triangle" button on the UMD button and select update. After updating the game, it will be listed as being version 1.01 by pressing the "triangle" button on the UMD button and selecting information. Currently, there has been no news on a possible patch for the American version of DJMAX Portable 3.

These glitches and bugs are confirmed that they have been fixed.

These glitches and bugs are not confirmed if they have been fixed.

Remarks: It seems that an unknow crash with language setting except Korean while entering the game if you have your memory stick inserted as it remains black screen.

Two methods can prevent the crash if you have.(Or more?)

Both methods can work with your save data. But method 2 may not access the patch.

Delete patch:(Two methods)

  1. Access into the memory stick, delete the directory ULKS46236[Game code for Portable 3] in PSP->GAME
  2. Delete the patch in the PSP (Game->Memory Stick)

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