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There are three main ways that content is unlocked in Portable 3. The first is simply playing songs in Arcade Mode's Stage Mode. The second is by completing Missions and DJ Challenges. The third is simply by levelling up. On each level-up, three reward boxes are presented, and upon selecting one, the reward is revealed, along with the other two possibilities. Unlocks include button modes, songs, WS charts, character/gear/note/effectors, images, and music videos.

Several Level-Up rewards are awarded directly, rather than from the random rewards. These are mainly unlocking Missions, but also 3.2T and 4.2T button modes.



These are listings of unlocks by reward type, and where they are obtained

Under Construction notice: The @ symbol will be used a lot on this page to report a random level-up reward being obtained at the specified level. This means that it could have started appearing sooner. Use your head on this one for edits - if you get it sooner, edit the level to the new, lower value. If you get it above the existing reported value, don't bother relisting. :V

Button Modes

3.2T, 4.2T and 6.2T are unlockable. (*This section needs verification for 3.2 and 4.2, pref screenshots)

Prior to unlocking 6.2T, it is playable on the Hard difficulty setting via options.

Mode Unlock Method
3.2T Level 2, directly rewarded
4.2T Level 5, directly rewarded
6.2T Level 50, random Level-Up Reward

Unlockable Songs

Each song is available as a random Level-up Reward which begins appearing at its associated level.

Song Level
Drum Town30
The Rain Maker
Hanz up!50
La Campanella : Nu Rave
Leave me Alone60
Dream of Winds70
Gone Astray
Enemy Storm (Dark Jungle Mix)80
Rage of Demon

Unlockable WS Charts

"Unlocking" a WS chart simply means for the stated song, WS is selectable in the button modes that have a WS chart (e.g. Leave me Alone only has 3.2T and 6.2T WS charts) in Stage Mode. The usual unlock paradigm for Free Style applies - the WS chart needs to be played once in Stage Mode for it to unlock in Free Style.

The following WS patterns are unlockable via Mission Mode:
Chart Mission
Get Out (Hip Noodle Mix) WS36
Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong WS38
Season (Warm Mix) WS39
Zet (Mr.Funky Remix) WS40
Put Em Up WS42
Beautiful Girl WS43
Mellow D Fantasy WS44
Funky People WS55
Raise me up WS56
MASAI (Electro House Mix) WS65
Desperado (Nu skool Mix) WS68
NB Ranger : NonStop Remix WS70
The following WS patterns are available as a random Level-up Reward which begin appearing at their associated level.
Song Level
Everything WS50
Break! WS60
The Rain Maker WS
Trip WS70
Hanz up! WS
SuperSonic (Mr.Funky Remix) WS
Leave me Alone WS80
OUT LAW - Reborn WS
La Campanella : Nu Rave WS
WhiteBlue WS
Enemy Storm (Dark Jungle Mix) WS90
Dream of Winds WS
Gone Astray WS
Rage of Demon WS
The following WS patterns are unlockable via DJ Challenges:
Chart Challenge
Luv Flow (Funky House Mix) WS12
Keys to the world WS29


Mission Unlocks

This list is for the levels at which Missions themselves unlock, not the rewards for the various Missions. The latter can be instead found at DJMAX Portable 3:Mission Mode.

Mission Level
1-5Unlocked initially
6-10Level 2
11-35Level (Mission - 5)

e.g. Mission 11 unlocks at Level 6

36-41Level ((Mission * 2) - 37)

e.g. Mission 36 unlocks at Level 35
Mission 37 unlocks at Level 37
Mission 38 unlocks at Level 39, etc

oh God, Maths! In other words, every other level starting from 35

42-??Level ((Mission * 2) - 36)

e.g. Mission 42 unlocks at Level 48
Mission 43 unlocks at Level 50

In other words, every other level starting from 48


Character Stats Unlock Method
Basic (Male)NoneUnlocked initially
Basic (Female)NoneUnlocked initially
PlanetaAnti Break 1Random Level-Up Reward (Lvl 1>)
Doctor StormAnti Break 1Mission 11 / Playcount 368
ChampionAnti Break 2Random Level-Up Reward(LV21>)
CommandoAnti Break 2Mission 22 / Playcount 720
BillyAnti Break 3random Level-Up Reward (LV45>)
ChuckAnti Break 3Mission 37 / Playcount 1206
BlackjackAnti Break 4 Random Level-Up Reward
AmberAnti Break 4Mission 47 / Playcount 1520
SunghuiAnti Break 5Mission 51 / Playcount 1648
JohanAnti Break 6Mission 66 / Playcount 2128
JokerAnti Break 6DJ Challenge 21 / Playcount 1240
JakeHP +5Random Level-Up Reward (LV13>)
SarahHP +5Mission 01 / Playcount 48
MasaiHP +10DJ Challenge 20 / Playcount 1220
BambooHP +10Random Level-up Reward (@Lv33)
OrchidHP +15Mission 15 / Playcount 496
Plum BlossomHP +15DJ Challenge 14 / Playcount 800
ChrysanthemumHP +20Random Level-up Reward (Lv50+)
JeremyHP +20Mission 27 / Playcount 888
GamblerHP +25DJ Challenge 28 / Playcount 940
NB BlackHP +30Mission 30 / Playcount 976
NB YellowFEVER +5%Random Level-Up Reward(LV1>)
NB BlueFEVER +10%Random Level-Up Reward
NB GreenFEVER +15%Random Level-up Reward (@Lv42)
JunkobeFEVER +20%DJ Challenge 15 / Playcount 820
NickFEVER +25%Mission 45 / Playcount 1456
The TowerFEVER +30%Mission 61 / Playcount 1968
JuggernautAUTO FEVERDJ Challenge 01
FunkyboxLIFE +1%Random Level-Up Reward (LV11>)
SunnyLIFE +2%Random Level-up Reward (@Lv35)
SenaLIFE +3%Random Level-up Reward (Lv50+)
OldEXP +1%Random Level-Up Reward (LV1>)
RoseEXP +1%Mission 07 / Playcount 256
Demon RoseEXP +2%Random Level-Up Reward (LV21>)
BabyEXP +2%DJ Challenge 17 / Playcount 860
MadumEXP +3%random Level-Up Reward (Lv??)
RSW-3160EXP +3%DJ Challenge 18 / Playcount 880
GreenwichEXP +4%
HP -10
random Level-Up Reward (@Lv69)
VermilionEXP +4%
HP -10
Mission 28 / Playcount 912
AirinEXP +5%
HP -20
Mission 41 / Playcount 1328
EricEXP +6%
HP -30
Mission 48 / Playcount 1552
HyunjungEXP +6%
HP -30
DJ Challenge 19
SimonFEVER PLUS X2Random Level-up Reward (LV11>)
CrooveAnti Break 1Random Level-Up Reward (LV1>)
BexterHP +15Random Level-up Reward (@43)
PlanetboomAnti Break 2Mission 33 / Playcount 1072
ECOAnti Break 3Mission 61 / Playcount 1968
Mr.FunkyFEVER +10%Mission 34 / Playcount 1104
SimpSonSEXP +6%
HP -30
Mission 63 / Playcount 2032
SugaretteLIFE +4%Mission 50 / Playcount 1616
Super52Anti Break 6Mission 67 / Playcount 2160
Z_BHP +30Mission 57 / Playcount 1840
BatistaFEVER +30%Mission 69 / Playcount 2224
DumpingLIFEFEVER +25% Mission 52 / Playcount 1680
XeoNLIFE +1%Mission 20 / Playcount 656
7 sequenceEXP +2%Mission 25 / Playcount 816


Gear Unlock Method
Max3Unlocked initially
TurntableRandom Level Up Reward (Lv30+)
GoldenRandom Level Up Reward (Lv40+)
TransparencyMission 31


Note Unlock Method
Max3Unlocked initially
TurntableRandom Level Up Reward (Lv10+)
GoldenRandom Level Up Reward (Lv20+)
TransparencyRandom Level Up Reward (Lv30+)
8bitRandom Level Up Reward (Lv40+)
HeadlightRandom Level Up Reward (Lv50+)
Djing52Random Level Up Reward (Lv60+)
Citrine star DJ Challenge 22


Unlockable Images

In Portable 3, each song has two corresponding Image unlocks. The first for each song is unlocked simply by playing that song once in Arcade mode. The second is unlocked via Mission Mode or random Level-Up Rewards.

Sweet Dream
Cosmic Fantastic Love Song
Rage of Demon
Put Em Up
Say it from Your Heart
Love is Beautiful
NB Rangers: Nonstop Remix
The Rain Maker
Dream of Winds
Drum Town
Your Smile

Unlockable MVs

Masai (Electro House Mix)
Desperado (Nu Skool Mix)
La Campanella: Nu Rave
Zet (Mr. Funky Remix)
Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong
Flash Fingers (Opening Movie)


Many (if not most) unlocks appear to have an alternative, playcount-based unlock much like Portable 2. This list is going to be massively incomplete for a while.

Scratchpad status

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